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Our research program

Our research program is focused on understanding the mechanisms underlying skeletal muscle deterioration and the development of metabolic disease. The overarching objective of the lab is to identify and understand nutrient and metabolic determinants of skeletal muscle (SkM) regeneration. This objective is achieved by 1) examining nutrient requirements and the metabolic signature of SkM stem/ progenitor cell expansion; 2) characterizing novel metabolic and molecular regulators of cell expansion, differentiation, and myotube formation; and 3) developing therapies to improve SkM health. To address these objectives we utilize human and mouse, primary skeletal muscle cell cultures and muscle tissue coupled with state-of-the-art imaging and –omics techniques and technologies. We developed a cell culture system that allows us rapidly quantify markers of regenerative capacity, gene and protein expression, mitochondrial biogenesis, and metabolism in human and mouse primary satellite cells. Our approach to research is truly translational—spanning from cells and molecules to clinical trials.